Period 01-JUN-2024 To 31-AUG-2024


Company RepresentativeInvestor NameAnalyst /Broker/ IR Firm NameType of MeetingMeeting Date & TimePurposePlace of EventConcall NumberAttachment
N.A.N.A.Julius Baer Wealth Advisors (India) Pvt.Ltd.One-on-One Meeting, Video Conference28 JUN 2024 16:00N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Westbridge CapitalN.A.One-on-One Meeting, Video Conference27 JUN 2024 15:00N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Bay CapitalN.A.One-on-One Meeting, Video Conference25 JUN 2024 13:00N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Raas PartnersN.A.One-on-One Meeting, Video Conference25 JUN 2024 18:00N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Banyan Tree Advisors Pvt.Ltd.N.A.One-on-One Meeting24 JUN 2024 10:30N.A.NoidaSOURCE DOC
N.A.SILver Mount Capital Ltd.N.A.One-on-One Meeting19 JUN 2024 10:30N.A.NoidaSOURCE DOC
N.A.bellecapitalN.A.One-on-One Meeting07 JUN 2024 10:30N.A.NoidaSOURCE DOC
N.A.Franklin TempletonN.A.One-on-One Meeting05 JUN 2024 10:00N.A.MumbaiSOURCE DOC
N.A.Aditya Birla Capital Ltd.N.A.One-on-One Meeting05 JUN 2024 11:30N.A.MumbaiSOURCE DOC
N.A.SBI Mutual FundN.A.One-on-One Meeting05 JUN 2024 13:00N.A.MumbaiSOURCE DOC
N.A.ICICI Prudential Mutual FundN.A.One-on-One Meeting05 JUN 2024 14:30N.A.MumbaiSOURCE DOC
N.A.Uti Mutual FundN.A.One-on-One Meeting05 JUN 2024 16:15N.A.MumbaiSOURCE DOC
N.A.Old Bridge Capital Management Pvt.Ltd.N.A.One-on-One Meeting05 JUN 2024 17:30N.A.MumbaiSOURCE DOC
N.A.Arisaig PartnersN.A.One-on-One Meeting04 JUN 2024 09:30N.A.MumbaiSOURCE DOC
N.A.Magma VenturesN.A.One-on-One Meeting04 JUN 2024 11:00N.A.MumbaiSOURCE DOC
N.A.Hill fort Capital Partners Ltd.N.A.One-on-One Meeting04 JUN 2024 12:30N.A.MumbaiSOURCE DOC
N.A.Solidarity Advisors Pvt.Ltd.N.A.One-on-One Meeting03 JUN 2024 11:00N.A.DelhiSOURCE DOC

Highlighted entity is the Organiser