Main Shareholding

Sl.No. Shareholder Category No. of Shareholders No. of Shares No. of Shares held in Dematerialized form Shareholding as % of Total Share Capital




 (a)Individuals/Hindu Undivided Family1830,135,04830,135,04849.22
 (b)Central Government/ State Government(s)0000.00
 (c)Financial Institutions/ Banks0000.00
 (d)Any Other
 Any Other Total0000.00


 (a)Individuals (Non-Resident Individuals/ Foreign Individuals)0000.00
 (d)Foreign Portfolio Investor0000.00
 (e)Any Other
 Any Other Total0000.00
 Total Shareholding of Promoter and Promoter Group1830,135,04830,135,04849.22



Institutions (Domestic)

 (a)Mutual Funds152,752,0932,752,0934.49
 (b)Venture Capital Funds0000.00
 (c)Alternate Investment Funds11271,020271,0200.44
 (e)Insurance Companies5417,667417,6670.68
 (f)Provident Funds/ Pension Funds0000.00
 (g)Asset reconstruction companies0000.00
 (h)Sovereign Wealth Funds0000.00
 (i)NBFCs registered with RBI17,0007,0000.01
 (j)Other Financial Institutions0000.00
 (k)Any Other
 Any Other Total0000.00

Institutions (Foreign)

 (a)Foreign Direct Investment0000.00
 (b)Foreign Venture Capital Investors0000.00
 (c)Sovereign Wealth Funds0000.00
 (d)Foreign Portfolio Investors Category I17715,877,11915,877,11925.93
 (e)Foreign Portfolio Investors Category II19510,163510,1630.83
 (f)Overseas Depositories (holding DRs) (balancing figure)0000.00
 (g)Any Other
 Any Other Total0000.00

Central Government / State Government(s)

 (a)Central Government / President of India0000.00
 (b)State Government / Governor0000.00
 (c)Shareholding by Companies or Bodies Corporate where Central / State Government is a promoter0000.00


 (a)Associate companies / Subsidiaries0000.00
 (b)Directors and their relatives (excluding independent directors and nominee directors)343,49843,4980.07
 (c)Key Managerial Personnel2237,862237,8620.39
 (d)Relatives of promoters (other than "Immediate Relatives" of promoters disclosed under "Promoter and Promoter Group" category)0000.00
 (e)Trusts where any person belonging to "Promoter and Promoter Group" category is "trustee", "beneficiary", or "author of the trust"0000.00
 (f)Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF)0000.00
 (g)Resident Individuals holding nominal share capital up to Rs. 2 lakhs1,58,9834,855,9634,855,9637.93
 (h)Resident Individuals holding nominal share capital in excess of Rs. 2 lakhs313,145,6223,145,6225.14
 (i)Non Resident Indians (NRIs)3,192264,477264,4770.43
 (j)Foreign Nationals0000.00
 (k)Foreign Companies12,010,9482,010,9483.28
 (l)Bodies Corporate841454,715454,7150.74
 (m)Any Other
 Clearing Members72532530.00
 Any Other Total2,326169,150169,1500.28
 Total Public Shareholding1,65,60831,023,39431,023,39450.67

Non-Promoter, Non-Public

 (C1)Custodian/DR Holder000
 (C2)Employee Benefit Trust (under SEBI (Share based Employee Benefit) Regulations, 2014)170,70670,7060.12
 GRAND TOTAL1,65,62761,229,14861,229,148100.00
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